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Cruise Headlining Acts

SLI Productions have created two headlining acts available for cruise shows and fly outs around the world.


Is an instrumental female duo, consisting of saxophone and violin. The girls perform a 45 minute show accompanied by the house band. Charts are available for up to a 9 piece band with backing tracks to create a hi impact show.

Music includes tangos, War of the Worlds, Smooth Criminal, Sweet Dreams, Stairway to Heaven and a tracks written especially for the show. The show is devised from start to finish with the cruise audience in mind, including costumes, visuals, carefully planned lighting plans and choreography.




A chance to meet and hear our saxophonist performing live with the in house band. Music includes the Bach tocatta and fugue in D minor, Summertime, Over the Rainbow, Sweet Dreams and Silver Lining! These shows have been created by SLI productions and are therefor unique and different to all the other acts seen before there from the styling to production and concepts.